Two English teachers analyze pop culture through the lens of literary analysis.

Chapter 3.14 - Every Genre All at OnceListen now | How the Academy Award winning film Everything Everywhere All at Once changes our discussion of the superhero genre
Chapter 3.13 - Solving a Layered PuzzleListen now | Investigating the whodunnit layers in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery
Chapter 3.12 - Time Travel to TruthListen now | Exploring the Hulu adaptation of Octavia Butler's Kindred to expand our understanding of science fiction
Chapter 3.11 - Day Full of WoeListen now | How the Netflix television show "Wednesday" helps us explore Gothic literary themes
Chapter 3.10 - Little Words, Giant DreamsListen now | How the Netflix adaptation of the Broadway musical Matilda uses Dahl's size archetypes
Chapter 3.9 - The Balcony Next DoorListen now | What happens with Rosaline gets to tell her side of the story?
Chapter 3.8 - Learning From PandoraListen now | Environmental lessons learned from analyzing Avatar
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