Chapter 3.14 - Every Genre All at OnceListen now | How the Academy Award winning film Everything Everywhere All at Once changes our discussion of the superhero genre
Using reading and research to help students learn to think critically
Chapter 3.13 - Solving a Layered PuzzleListen now | Investigating the whodunnit layers in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery
When we empower students to think about the ideas and beliefs they've inherited about others, we are investing in a more empathetic future for everyone.

February 2023

Chapter 3.12 - Time Travel to TruthListen now | Exploring the Hulu adaptation of Octavia Butler's Kindred to expand our understanding of science fiction
It's far more than spooky and creepy stories
Chapter 3.11 - Day Full of WoeListen now | How the Netflix television show "Wednesday" helps us explore Gothic literary themes
It's important to consider the stories we've inherited about size and stature

January 2023

Chapter 3.10 - Little Words, Giant DreamsListen now | How the Netflix adaptation of the Broadway musical Matilda uses Dahl's size archetypes
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Using pop culture to help your students better understand satire
Chapter 3.9 - The Balcony Next DoorListen now | What happens with Rosaline gets to tell her side of the story?