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Chapter 3.3 - Dino Ethics

Chapter 3.3 - Dino Ethics

Science fiction, literature, and the Jurassic Park/World franchise

Alicia and Sarah discuss the Jurassic Park/World franchise and connections to science fiction in the classroom, particularly Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. At the end of the discussion, they talk about the things they've been reading, watching, and analyzing outside of the classroom.

Literary terms of the week: stereotype, character archetype

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Music by Craig Harmann

Cover art by Matt Holman

Show notes


  • Why Jurassic World: Dominion?

  • 30-second summary can be found here

  • Still showing in theaters and available for streaming on Amazon Prime and Apple TV

Literary analysis focus for episode: Science Fiction

  • Science Fiction (social commentary & what if)

  • Frame story

  • Feminist lens for analysis

  • Allusion

  • Theme Development: Science Fiction and stories of caution

What are we enjoying right now?

  • Alicia: The First Lady (TV on Showtime), The Sentence (Louise Erdrich)

  • Sarah: Beautiful Little Fools by Jillian Cantor (book), Elvis (movie)

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