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Chapter 3.6 - Lit-Brain Obsession

Chapter 3.6 - Lit-Brain Obsession

Discussing all things zombie through the lens of Zombieland

Alicia and Sarah embrace their darker side to discuss all things zombie with a particular focus on the feature film Zombieland. At the end of the discussion, they talk about the things they've been reading, watching, and analyzing outside of the classroom.

Literary terms of the week: monstered other, zombie, satire

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Music by Craig Harmann

Cover art by Matt Holman

Show notes:

30-second summary

  • You can buy or rent through YouTube and Amazon Prime.

Literary terms of the week:

  • Monstered Other

    • From Beowulf on, every single piece of historical monster literature talks about those who do not fit cultural norms as monsters.

    • Our cultural monster myths speak to our deepest fears

      • Beowulf = fear of outsiders

      • Frankenstein = fear of science

      • Dracula= fear of independent women

      • Jekyll & Hyde = fear of morality, mental health

      • Zombies = fear of mindless consumerism

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  • Zombies

    • From West African “zumbi” (meaning fetish)

      • Obsessions that prevent us from living

    • Zombies themselves are a deeper commentary on how we define life and value...people who mindlessly feed on the able-bodied? Who have no concern for wealth or property (because they don't have any)?

  • Satire

    • World War Z = commentary on disease

    • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies = commentary on classism

    • Warm Bodies = commentary on tech dependence

What are we enjoying right now?

  • Alicia: Respect (movie), How to Raise a Feminist Son (Sonora Jha)

  • Sarah: The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White (book), House of the Dragon (television)

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