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Chapter 3.2 - Mid-life Hero's Crisis

Chapter 3.2 - Mid-life Hero's Crisis

Celebrating Obi Wan Kenobi finally getting his hero's journey

Alicia and Sarah discuss their love for the Star Wars franchise and the latest installment from Disney+, Obi-Wan Kenobi. They look at Obi-Wan as both the wise guide and the middle-aged hero of his own story. At the end of the discussion, they talk about the things they've been reading, watching, and analyzing outside of the classroom.

Literary terms of the week: allusion, monomyth, hero’s journey

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Music by Craig Harmann

Cover art by Matt Holman

Show notes


  • Why Obi-Wan Kenobi? Can be found streaming on Disney+

  • 30-second summary can be found here.

Literary focus for the episode: Hero’s Journey

  • Allusion (all the references to original Star Wars films)

  • Monomyth

  • Character archetypes

  • Theme Development: A delayed hero’s journey

What are we enjoying right now?

  • Alicia: Good Luck to You, Leo Grande (movie), Why Fish Don’t Exist, by Lulu Miller (book)

  • Sarah: Now What: How to Move Forward When We’re Divided (About Basically Everything) by Sarah Steward Holland and Beth Silvers (book), Stranger Things (television)

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